Below is some possibly useful stuff that was used to develop the current Food and drink category structure (as of the timestamp :-) --CurtB 19:56, 11 February 2007 (PST)

Questions[edit source]

  • Move Beekeeping articles into their own category (and out of livestock)?
  • Create Agroforestry, Aquaculture, Nutrition and diet?

Food and Drink[edit source]


Biodynamic farming?
Companion planting • Crop rotation • Crop drying • Crop storage
Composting • Fertilization • Grading • Plowing
Gardening Biointensive • Organic • Double digging
Greenhouses Pit • Lean to • Attached • Freestanding • Hoophouses
Pest control • Seed saving • Specific crops and climates
Uncommon Tropical Crops[1]

Animal husbandry

Animal health • Chicken tractorsBeekeepingFish farming Livestock

Food preserving

Canning • Dehydrating Solar
Refrigeration • Storing

Food preparation

Cookers Solar
Macrobiotics[2] • Raw

Nutrition and diet

100 mile diet • Omnivorism • Vegetarianism

References[edit source]

  1. existing category, noncompliant capitalization, 3 members
  2. Does Macrobiotics belong in nutrition/diet?