Some potentially useful background stuff that was behind the category as of the datestamp at the end of this note: --CurtB 21:50, 11 February 2007 (PST)

Construction and materials[edit source]


Reduce • ReuseRecycling • Rethink


Alternative building[1]
Bamboo • Cordwood • Earthquake safety • Earthship • Ferrocement • Living roof • Papercrete • Strawbale • Tires
Earthen construction
Adobe • Bajareche • Cobb • Earth bags • Earthen oven • Earthen plaster • Living roof • Rammed earth • Stone and brick • Wattle and daub

Alternative materials

Bioplastic • Hemp • Lechugilla • Smartwood


Vermiculture • Pit • Spinning barrel

Material science

Fluid dynamics • Solid dynamics • Solid statics

Natural capital

Notes[edit source]

  1. Alternative building needs to be a redirect to Construction, or a subcat
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