Permission[edit source]

This is to confirm that User:Curtbeckmann received an email on Oct 31, 2006 from Elizabeth Brink from the International Rivers Network and coauthor of Beyond Dams, giving permission for "posting (with acknowledgement) of portions of "Beyond Dams" on Appropedia under GNU-FDL." (I also have a copy of the email.)

Note that as the content was legitimately GFDL, then all wiki content was legitimately transferred to CC-by-sa in the manner allowed by GFDL 1.3, this content is now CC-by-sa. The differences are minor.

We probably need to clarify "portions of...". (We could also let them know how their work is being used here... but I'd rather we tidied up the multiple "original" copies of each page, making sure we have at least an editable version, and maybe an original version, depending on what we end up deciding about our original content policy. --Chriswaterguy 09:50, 28 July 2011 (PDT)

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