If it is ok ?, I made a category 3th world arm lamp with all the lamp related articles.

I am struggling with the:

CCFL lamp cap

CCFL inverter

How to make a Transformer component

How to measure the isolated copper wire thickness with simple tools.

How to a ferriet core


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Hi Stef,

Thank you for your new category. Please keep in mind that page names still need consideration. For instance, if your page on Inverter and ballast is really only about the inverter and ballast of the 3rd world arm lamp, then it should be titled "3rd world arm lamp inverter and ballast". Please let us know and we can help advise the further development of this excellent project on Appropedia. Here is my question stated more clearly:

Is the page Inverter and ballast about inverters and ballasts in general, or about the inverter and ballast of the 3rd world arm lamp?

Thanks again, --Lonny 11:55, 23 March 2007 (PDT)

Hello Lonny

The other Inverter article is about a 12 volt DC to 220 volt AC Inverter.

This is about a 12 volt DC to 1200 volt AC high frequency Inverter to power fluorescent tubes in general.

It is more clear to change the name to "inverter for fluorescent lamp"

The most components ar common and it is possible to make a circuit board with simple tools and material.

there is one component the transformer that is difficult to find with the right specifications.

Thanks to, Stef Breukel

-- Does this cat need to be merged or renamed? Joeturner 07:54, 11 March 2013 (PDT)