The following articles and subcategories are for review of resources. These reviews are usually standard critiques, such as book and link reviews. But also are a starting ground for reviews of appropriate technologies. Projects can be submitted here for critic by a wider audience. (eventually a rate-my-solution, with expanded commenting would be great).

Some starting hints[edit | edit source]

Click the type of review your interested in for specific contributing hints. To start a whole new area, here are some starting formatting suggestions:

  • resource, books, tools reviews format suggestion:
    • title/ suitable unique descriptor
    • author/source
    • review (personal comment), signed? Reviews have value when they come from somebody's experience
    • relevant picture, maybe not the cover
    • relevant quote(s) quotes or a single picture for reviews are generally allowed under copyright rules
    • space/structure for further comments

Unlike the main articles, which should attempt unified result through peer review, I believe reviews themselves should show personal opinions, with some editing as needed for neatness/spelling/appropriatedness, to avoid a "from the pulpit" endorsement of a given resource.

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