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Cardamom comes from several herbaceous perennial plants that forms part of the ginger family (plants in the Elettaria and Amomum genera, in the Zingiberaceae family).[1] It is native to India, Bhutan, Indonesia and Nepal.[1]

The seeds are used to create the spice. In Elettaria, the seeds are inside light green, small pods. In Amomum, the seeds are inside bigger pods of a dark brown colour.[1] The seeds are small and black in colour.

Growing cardamom[edit | edit source]

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Cardamom needs a hot climate to grow successfully.

Uses for cardamom[edit | edit source]

Cardamom has a range of culinary uses in many different cuisines, including Indian, South-East Asian and Swedish cuisines. The flavour is sweet with a camphor-like aftertaste.

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