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Notes[edit source]

Notes from looking at Media:Appropedia_new_skin_screenshot_draft_3C.jpg of the Appropedia New Skin mockup

  • Logo should be the new shiny-clear logo
  • Color scheme should match logo (see Appropdev (email for login info) for some ideas)
  • Stuff in center is changeable content
  • Featured Project and Tabbedbox are on only on the front page. The front page is the only page that will not have a title.
  • The partnership box will have rotating logos of our partners, either as an animated gif or as a flickr plugin. (it would be great if clicking on the partner logo would bring you to their page, but that is not necessary).
  • The two rows of horizontal links near the top of the page need a lot more thought, especially as the number of links can change depending on what type of page you are on and if you are logged in, an admin, etc. See Approdev for some ideas.
    • Where should we put the non-dynamic links?
  • It would be great if the javascript box in the lower right could also fit a new users tab.
    • Is there any problems with having javascript on our front page?
  • We should chose between having the brief description under the name or in the upper right. If we use the under the name spot, we can move up the sidebars. Which is how it is on Approdev right now.
  • The mockup sidebar shows Wiki Links (Wiki should bring you to Wiki Mainpage) and Forum Links (Forum should bring you to the Forum Mainpage) across all skins. But a third sidebar, Tool Box, will be specific to where you are on the site and what privileges you have. We can rethink this, especially as it there are no live forums and there is a live blog. No matter which way, it should be editable at MediaWiki:Sidebar.
  • There should be a Tell Others link somewhere.
  • The idea behind the three sections down the middle is
    1. Announcement
    2. Successes, call to action and request for input
    3. A little more about us
    • The colors are not done.
    • The wording is not complete.
  • This frontpage should be a skin closely replicated across all of our site... sans the java script box and some other items.
  • This frontpage strives to get people to what they want quicker, encourage contribution and partnership, direct visitors to our goals and support our partners and projects. It looks to do this through simplicity and a mostly above-the-fold design that hopefully will not be high bandwidth.

Currently, these notes are from Lonny, feel free to edit them and add to this sentence.