Long term policy questions[edit source]

I think that a plan like wiktionary and wikipedia implement is great for a situation where many of the pages will be the same across languages (dictionary and encyclopedic entries such as "Smile" or "The Panama Canal", will need "Sonrisa" or "Canal de Panamá" counterparts). I think that most articles in Appropedia will be unique to their language. Multilingual contributors can bring information between different pages, but most will be unique. A definite exception to that will be the Topic Categories. A Topic Category such as Category:Photovoltaics will probably need a corresponding Category:Fotovoltaico. Should each of these Topic Categories list all pages under that category or just the pages in their own language and links to the category in other languages? One possibility is to create category namespaces in other languages such as EsCategoria, PtCategoría, FrCatégorie, etc. What do you think? (Should I get working on the final category clarification before endeavoring into this question?) --Lonny 23:00, 6 December 2006 (PST)

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