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Lonny's changes and comments[edit]

I made a bunch of changes. It is late, and my brain is mush, so we should go over this again. Feel free to revert any of my edits. Here are comments on a few of the bigger changes:

  • I removed the case study and included a little language that addresses what a case study would probably address better. If we do a case study, I think it should be real and short.
  • I changed our tax exempt status from pending to we-got-it.
  • I reduced and combined the sections on Service Learning.

Here are a few questions/comments:

  • Should we add any of this additional info on me(I don't think so)?
    • Co-founder of the Parras Appropriate Technology and Spanish Summer Immersion Program; Board of Directors - Humboldt Bay Sustainable Living Center; Board of Directors - Green Wheels; Board of Advisors - Campus Center for Appropriate Technology; Board of Advisors - Humboldt Energy Independence Fund;
  • Vinay's info still needs to be updated.
  • For Curt's info, do we have a better description than his filing of tax exemption status?
  • We still need accurate info on George.
  • Should include others like Jon Bart?
  • I think that this is still a little over the word count. Let's make sure on the final final draft.

Thank you all for your amazing work on this, --Lonny 04:01, 30 October 2007 (PDT)

Curt's changes as time winds down[edit]

I just used Word to do a word count on the submission text. It says "1665" words, so I'll be further hacking, and then I will begin the submission process. I believe I can still edit after that, but I don't want to wait til the last second... too many variables! More comments after I finish.

CurtB 06:42, 30 October 2007 (PDT)