Proposal: Let's get together online and work on the pages to be put on the XO ($100 Laptop).

Date: Saturday August 12? (It must be before August 15th, which is the deadline for the next release, and Saturday seems like a likely good day for many people.)

Time: We're starting at 1:30pm UTC (that should be 5:30 am US Pacific time, 9:30 am US Atlantic time, and 9:30 pm Singapore time). It should run for a few hours - join in whenever you can.

Who: Anyone who wants to help, anywhere in the world, and has an internet connection, can join us online. If people live near each other they may want to meet up at someone's home or a cheap net cafe (as long as there's enough computers and bandwidth). So far Curtbeckmann, Scott, Mel & Chriswaterguy plan to join in (this party was Mel's suggestion).


  • We'll chat by IRC (, #olpc-content channel) to ask questions, encourage each other etc. The IRC page on the OLPC wiki has instructions (at the bottom - "how to use IRC channels") on using IRC if you're new to it. If you are having trouble connecting to IRC during the chatt ime, email Mel (mel at laptop dot org) and she'll walk you through getting started.
  • We'll select the articles we most want to be included (perhaps up to 30 or 40... but start with one for each person online).
  • We'll take one article each from OLPC sitemap to edit (tidy, simply English where it's unnecessarily complex).

Attendees[edit | edit source]

Any questions, ask Chriswaterguy.

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