This page describes the proposal for a reading mode option on Appropedia.

  • Due to its nature, Appropedia is often used by users with specific research questions. This requires attention and lenghty reads.
  • With the implementation of learning modules, we will have more and more users using Appropedia to review and citate content.
  • Some of our users do not have an immediate interest in learning how to edit a wiki. Furthermore, some users avoid interacting with the site because the controls are a bit daunting.

Therefore, we're considering two possible ideas for a reading/easy-editing mode.

Proposal 1: Simplified editing mode[edit | edit source]

Oriented to making editing as simple as possible for users and reducing most of the functionality of the site to favor dabblers or one-time editors. Examples of this are: users from organizations who are participating on documentation projects or sprints, younger students, community leaders or persons in countries with little experience in editing a website. Proposed features would be:

  • Reducing items on the skin.
  • Visual editor only (?) or at least showing a clear priority over the source editor to avoid confusions.
  • Essential edit options for the menu (for example: headings, bullets, tables and images)
  • An improved experience for editing templates within the Visual Editor
  • Possible creation of standard icon family to illustrate projects, guides and elements.

Proposal 2: Reading-only mode[edit | edit source]

Simpler mode focused on reading Appropedia instead of editing. For the casual user. Features include:

  • Mainly a mobile-friendly skin.
  • Larger font meant for reading
  • Heavily simplified navigation
  • CSS closer to print
  • Dark mode option
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