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Keeping track of changes made to the settings on the Appropedia blog:

  • enabled atom
  • changed url form (show date & title)

Displaying tags, author etc[edit source]

SteveSmith1983, from #wordpress on IRC, suggested adding <?php the_author(); ?> (<?php the_category(', ') ?>) <?php the_tags(); ?> to both the index.php and single.php (the two files do the same thing, but the pages deal with different views, single verses all together). (SteveSmith1983 doesn't use the category feature himself, only tags. I have removed the category display, but can replace if and when we do use categories later.)

The Wordpress Codex suggests integrating tags & categories with:

<?php if (the_category(', '))  the_category(); ?>
<?php if (get_the_tags()) the_tags(); ?>    

but it doesn't come out right.

Plugins to consider[edit source]

Spam plugins:

  • akismet. Mel suggested this: "it's really easy to moderate comment spam (akismet plugin)"

Aggregators (for a separate Planet type installation):

  • How does Wordpress Planet work? (awaiting response)
  • FeedWordPress - Wordpress RSS aggregator plugin
  • WP-o-Matic. The Wordpress RSS Agreggator

Feed[edit source]

Looked at various options for a feed:

  • - works for a word. no options, no phrases. Not flexible enough.
  • Feedburner. At least it shouldn't go down and leave subscribers disconnected from us. Doesn't offer filtering, but we can offer various filtered feed options.