Initial question - is someone already doing something that we should join, or is this worth doing as a new campaign focused on human development and environmental applications?

Provisional steward: Chriswaterguy

Blogger(s): Chriswaterguy - & we will recruit bloggers on partner and related projects.


  • Potential: CC, GNU, OKF, Publish What you Fund, EWB & ESW branches, OER and aid groups that would benefit.
  • Confirmed:

Target launch date: No specific urgency, but success in this will have a critical impact on Appropedia's growth, via availability of source content. The sooner we start the greater the benefit.

  • Suggestion: find the partner liaison volunteer, then allow one month for initial contact of partner orgs, 1 month for making draft plan, then set a launch date (at least one month further along, to allow for fine-tuning.

Talking points: (Make a note whenever a post, tweet, etc, is done on a particular talking point so that we can make sure that each point gets covered over time.)

  • Choose a suitable name for the campaign - self-explanatory and if possible make it catchy. Publish What You Fund[1] ("The Global Campaign for Aid Transparency") as example for a similar project. Emphasize release - not just "Publish What you Know" as material may already be published, but not very usable due to online availability and license restrictions.
  • Lobby govts and NGO with valuable content to release under an open license.
  • Seek ideas for promoting open content.

Specific action requests: (Examples below.)

  1. Tell us about partners and projects we should be aware of by clicking (add link).
  2. Site notices asking for input and participation...
  3. Tell potential interns about the program
  4. Help design a Release Your Knowledge portal at Portal:Release Your Knowledge
  5. Apply for a three month stint as the "Release Your Knowledge Steward" or one of the other volunteers.

Specific volunteer positions sought:

  • Technical volunteer: We will need ways for people to easily stay informed, participate and ask questions - forum, mailing list. If we don't already have a solution (e.g. MailPress and BuddyPress) by the time of launch, we will want a dedicated tech volunteer.
  • Marketer/editor
  • Partner liaison
  • Content owner liaison: develop copy/concepts/email drafts... (Chriswaterguy has done some and can do more, but we'd like to have someone with some understanding of licenses and marketing for this position.)

Available resources:

  • Much has already been written, by Stallman, Lessig, Wales and others (pls add links).
  • Examples of related campaigns that we can learn from:
    • "Bebaskan Pengetahuan" (Release Knowledge) by Siska Doviana and Wikimedia Indonesia.
    • Publish What You Fund[2] ("The Global Campaign for Aid Transparency")
  • University courses in international development, intellectual property, sustainability, information management may have students who are interested and capable as volunteers.

Links to key pages:

  • (placeholder for link to blog post that will announce the initiative. update this at launch time.)
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