Appropedia contributors, especially students and those looking to demonstrate their knowledge and abilities, can create a portfolio showing their work on Appropedia. This can be a great way to demonstrate your abilities to employers - as well as to your peers, to let them know about the work you've been involved with - whether hands on projects written up on Appropedia, or topic pages you've helped to develop.

How to create a portfolio[edit | edit source]

For now, a {{Gallery}} template is the easiest way to display the pages you have contributed to. Follow the instructions on that page, and/or see Portal:Projects/Gallery for an example of a (very large) gallery of projects. The drawback is that it requires an image to work - if there is no image, you may want to find an appropriate open licensed image and upload it.[1] This greatly improves the first impression created by the page, and by your portfolio.

You'll probably want to choose a larger box size in the template, for the boxes that display the images.

You can create the portfolio on your user page or in your userspace. E.g. someone with username "Jodie" could create a page in their userspace at "User:Jodie/portfolio".

You may want to mention your role for each page - that you wrote it, co-wrote it, started it can link to your contributions ([[Special:Contributions/USERNAME]] - though this might be confusing for people not used to wikis). Or, much clearer, link to specific pages that you've made significant contributions to. Assuming you've been logged in when you made your contributions, it's possible to verify what contributions you've made.

Examples[edit | edit source]

The following are examples, lists pages created, research projects and related work such as papers published:

Academic portfolio examples. Each lists courses and programs taught, and where the courses had a presence on Appropedia, they are linked to their homepage on Appropedia:

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. E.g. see Google open license image search or see more options at CC search. (Be sure to specify the right to use, modify and share, even commercially.) IMPORTANT NOTE: These searches give a lot of "false positives" so the license must be checked on the page where you find it; and the source web address must be mentioned when uploading the image.
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