This temporary article serves as a discussion page to handle the issues regarding the portals and categories.

Portals[edit | edit source]

  • Perhaps it's useful to make a new category: Sewage/excreta disposal . That's useful as a category "sewage" would otherwise imply we always need to use water to discard excreta (feces+urine). Als a category called "Toilets" doesn't sound well/is inaccurate. I made a Types of toilets page for this
  • In the bar on the left (under "areas") we have a "Solar" link and even a category and portal ! We however have no seperate categories on what we use the solar power for. For example we have no Solar heating page (which should have links to Active and Passive solar heating The solar categories and portal seem to be confusing to me and redundant.
  • We have 2 pages on a same issue: Solar Water Heating and Solar hot water. Can we make a single page from these 2 ?
  • We have no Portal:Water heating
  • We have no Portal:Cooking nor a category:Cooking I think. This is needed to link the many types of cookers to cooking portal --> cookers , solar cookers. The category cooking should be split into Category: Food heating and Cooking without heat (not all cooking requires this)
  • We have no Portal:Hygiene - This can be given links to washing machine designs, category:washing and drying clothes, solar shower designs, showering and bathing
  • We currently have a "Portal:Construction and materials", which is confusing. I probably mentioned this a while back aswell. Materials is best seperate as materials ie from salvage sites (junkyards, ...) can also serve to make energy production systems, ... Also, Portal:Construction can then specify on the types of shelters; ie houses, shipping containers, domes, ...
  • Perhaps it's best to rename "Portal:Materials" (once split up) to Portal:Materials & waste - This as "waste" is actually also a useful product (can be recycled). I made a subsection/page called Waste seperation that can be placed in the category.
  • We have no house article or category, Passive solar house would come as a article under this category. Also at the article, we can differentiate "house" and "home".
  • We have no Portal:Space heating . I allready made a Space heating page but that isn't enough.
  • We need to make a page called VocationsW. This should list all professions, ... it can be linked from Employment
  • Perhaps that book reports from students can be renamed to having BR_ in their article name (standing for book report), and can be categorised only under Category:Books. This way, book reports such as Humanure or reutilizing your own body wastes, Earth Democracy, .. no longer show up in portals, ...
  • Finally, the areas section on the left doesn't follow our categorisation at Category;Category tree. Also, perhaps link this category tree directly from a "..." link. This way, we can hide the categories that are redundant (Knowledge, Organizations, Appropriate tech, Green living, Locations, International development, Culture and community, Design, Business, Built environment) These are redundant as: organizations can be placed under appropriate tech which can be itself under culture and community, green living is redundant if we make the new portals/categories, knowledge can be under culture and community Also Locations, International development can all be under culture and community. Business and Agriculture should be under a new category Employment. Built environment needs renaming to "Construction"
  • Finally, there are my old thoughts on seperating off food/agriculture and removing the redundant categories (ie Knowledge, Organizations, Health and safety, .... These are best moved in other sections (ie organizations under "Appropriate tech, ...)
  • If we seperate the food from the agriculture article, we also have more room we can use for links at the Portal:Food. Besides the basics (food preservation, centralised food production systems (which use markets and supermarkets), we can also mention replacement foods for foods that otherwise require animals (a problem due to GhG-emissions). For example , soy milk/tofu instead of milk/meat, ... Also, perhaps we can make a map on native shellfish/crustaceans and perhaps even native fish (for aquaculture). I didn't make those yet. Also, we can focus a bit on using native foods where possible, so that the accidental release of animals grown for food doesn't cause problems. Perhaps that we can make the portal:Food into portal:Food production.
  • I also looks to me like we have far too much portals.
  • Built environment --> to Construction
  • Business --> To Employment
  • Design --> to culture and community (part of appropriate tech)
  • Energy storage --> no seperate portal, under Energy
  • Engineering for Sustainable Development --> under culture and community (part of appropriate tech)
  • Food and agriculture --> seperate (see above) (Note that the portal may also take Food & Cooking together)
  • Government supported development programs --> to culture and community
  • Governments and sustainability --> to culture and community
  • Green living --> becomes redunant, phase out
  • Greywater --> greywater (category) under water, move portal info there too
  • Health and safety --> seperate (see above), Safety is under Construction
  • Heat exchangers --> to Space heating (& Cooling ?)
  • Hybrid power systems --> to energy
  • ICT and Education --> seperate to Portal:Education /category:Education (ICT sits below this)
  • Information technology --> seperate to Portal:Education /category:Education (ICT sits below this)
  • Learning --> seperate to Portal:Education /category:Education
  • Medical Devices --> to Health
  • Net Impact --> (not sure)
  • Photovoltaics --> to Energy
  • Rainwater harvesting --> to Water
  • Renewable energy --> to Energy
  • Service learning --> see above
  • Solar --> to Energy
  • Solar thermal --> seperate off (part to Energy, ie CSP plants, ...), part to space heating (ie solar thermal collectors)
  • Sustainability --> (not sure)
  • Sustainable business --> to Employment
  • Sustainable city living --> redundant
  • Sustainable energy storage --> Energy
  • Sustainable farm energy alternatives --> Employment (under Farming)

KVDP 05:49, 8 October 2012 (PDT)

just wanted to mention something I thought about while updating the aquaculture pages: Farming and the decentralised food production system, ... I suggested (see Green living) can redirect to Food production and distribution. Move info from the agriculture page to the new article, and then make a link to agriculture and aquaculture. That way, we can discuss the distribution network/distribution chain (see poverty article of what I mean by this) at that page and maintain seperate pages for aquaculture and agriculture. Perhaps link the food and agriculture link in the navigation bar to this.

KVDP 03:56, 23 October 2012 (PDT)

Hi - you make some good points, but others we'll need to think about more. I don't have much time, but in brief...
  • I'm focusing on bringing more people into the community. This helps create good content, and helps us find a few more people interested in the higher level of Appropedia's structure. (Those will probably a fraction of a percent of the new people that we find.)
  • There is a Category:Cooking.
  • Portals are now made through a huge effort by RichardF, so it will take time to add more. Again, finding lots more editors will let us find a few more passionate knowledgeable people to help with work like this.
I'll look more at this. For now, go slowly on moving content around, so other people have time to see what you're doing, and make sure we're in agreement. Best to put most effort into well-researched content. Thanks. --Chriswaterguy 03:07, 9 October 2012 (PDT)
KVDP, I agree that many portals should be redirected to better portals. I'll look at that, and RichardF will be the main person to discuss this with. I don't follow all the suggestions, e.g. "Sustainable business --> to Employment".
For now, thanks for the suggestions, but avoid doing much yourself in Portal space - and especially don't move Portal:Medical Devices as this is part of a University of Michigan project. Thanks --Chriswaterguy 07:42, 10 October 2012 (PDT)

Categories[edit | edit source]

See links/info at User talk:RichardF#zombie work, we'll work on the portals first though

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