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Some of the WikiGreen & CD3WD content does not have clear permissions to be published under our license.

Check the mainspace contributions[1] of the main Wikigreen contributors and the CD3WD articles:

(Q: is there a list of all WikiGreen pages imported to Appropedia? This would be easier.)


  • Make these into lists, remove duplicates. (Use sort function - Chriswaterguy has this worked out)
  • Check through, remove articles which are not a copyright concern:
    • stubs with not enough content to be a concern;
    • properly sourced pagesa
    • pages developed on the wiki (check the history if you suspect this is the case).
  • Contact by email, ask if they any have clear permissions and ask for documents, sources, emails addresses, whatever they have or remember.

Other pages[edit]

If you find other pages that are a problem, you can list them here.


  • [[::User:Chriswaterguy|Chriswaterguy]] ([[::User talk:Chriswaterguy|talk]] · [[::Special:Contributions/Chriswaterguy|contribs]]) - won't be doing a lot of work here, but will help where I can.


  1. Neither has made significant contributions to an Original or Category page, which are the other likely resting places for WikiGreen content