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  • The Tech Awards:
  • Suitability for Appropedia:
    • "The Tech Awards only recognizes technology solutions that are in the field and have demonstrated a measurable benefit. We do not recognize or fund new business ideas or concepts." (Emphasis added.)
  • application is brief - 1,000 characters for each of 3 fields
  • Choose category. Contact with our thoughts and get feedback. Category details are given in hovertext at (copied below - good matches with us are in bold).
    • Environment. Not really - category is more about direct interventions. Although technological innovation has sometimes been at odds with sound environmental practices, technology can contribute to clean water, improved air quality, and sustainable development. This category includes the challenges of balancing population growth with available resources, protecting animal and plant life, as well as addressing the escalating demands for safe and efficient energy.
    • Education - maybe: Barriers to educational opportunities arise from social and economic injustices, learning disabilities, geographic isolation, and lack of resources of all types. Used creatively, technology can enhance the education of people of all ages, by enabling learning and improving the effectiveness of teaching. Technology has the promise of making lifelong learning a reality for more and more people around the world.
    • Equality we fit in several ways: Technology can enable people with special needs to participate fully in employment opportunities, housing, cultural events, sports, and recreation. Access to information and increased civil rights can be extended to people who have been excluded by prejudice, intolerance, repressive social policies, and authoritarian regimes. Technology can mediate a wide range of inequalities including physical disabilities, rural poverty, human rights, gender and age.
    • Economic Development: Information as an essential ingredient in markets and development. The potential of technology to create jobs and provide people with livelihoods seems limitless. From developments in the most advanced technological fields to streamlining agricultural processes, human ingenuity continues to break new ground. Technology can create markets, help bring goods to market, or deliver the marketplace to people, ultimately helping to reduce the gap between rich and poor.
    • Health Not really - as for environment. Technology is in the process of revolutionizing health care, from improving the quality of life for those with disabilities to eradicating deadly diseases. Biotechnology discoveries, enhanced imaging, and incredible new surgical procedures are some of the fields of endeavor. Technology can help feed the world's populations, alleviate suffering, and find cures for life-threatening ailments.

3 fields to fill out (up to 1000 char each)

  • Identify the technology application
  • Explain how this technology application benefits humanity
  • State why you think the individual or organization you are nominating deserves recognition