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We're building resources on making ICT more accessible, and we're putting this together info at Appropedia on ICT4D - see the ICT4D category:

Suggested pages[edit]

The redlinks below are pages which have not yet been created. Think especially of the most important topics that need to be covered. Choose titles which are a natural, simple and clear description of the topic. (Where there is more than one possibility, redirects can be used.)

Potential partners and networks[edit]

contact: http://twitter.com/IICD (left note on FB page)

http://www.linkedin.com/ppl/webprofile?vmi=&id=4259195&pvs=pp&authToken=RXsq&authType=name&locale=en_US&trk=ppro_viewmore&lnk=vw_pprofile (he added me?)...


  • Can we find academics or postgraduate students doing a project on collaboration or knowledge sharing in this area? They are likely to be interested in Appropedia and in this project in particular. (This helps increase exposure, but won't necessarily lead directly to involvement.)
  • Can we write or co-write a paper for a journal, e.g. IJSLE?

Promotional material[edit]

Make leaflets and/or posters to distribute:

  • To interested students and academics. Through classes, student organizations and especially at Orientation Week (or Freshers' Week) at college/university.
  • at #Relevant events

Relevant events[edit]

Can we provide a paper/speaker/poster/leaflets for these events?