Ways of keeping editors and readers:

  • General newsletter (Appropedia:Newsletter)
  • Possibly specific newsletters - public health, emergency management, water and sanitation, a more frequent new content newsletter (just an edited RSS feed/RC page?)...
  • New content to bring people back.
    • New Wiki content
    • Active forum, blog and mailing lists.
    • Survey to figure what people want out of the community and/or how they are currently using Appropedia. (E.g. Survey relevant orgs - send out an email with a not-too-long survey, followup calls a couple of weeks later. How do we contact individuals? Have a link to a survey on the homepage, and blog on it. Also ask for feedback on specific issues in blog post, where people can respond in the comments.)
  • Subprojects (a la Wikipedia's WikiProjects) ideally with their own mailing lists.
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