Note - the idea of having two types of admin is only my idea at this stage. Please comment. --Chriswaterguy 16:04, 12 February 2009 (UTC)
  • Any registered user can nominate a user for adminship - either another user, or themselves.
  • Specify: Visiting admin or community admin?
  • A guest or visiting admin (we need a better name for this) has experience with wikis, but is either still learning some details, or is not highly active with the Appropedia (not editing most days). This is a lower threshold, as some potentially controversial or disruptive powers are withheld.
  • A community admin is experienced with wikis and also very involved in the Appropedia community, and has additional "powers" - in particular:
  • to delete pages (except in a case of blatant vandalism, where the only edits are vandalism or reverts of vandalism - i.e. there is no content of value anywhere in the history).
  • restore pages.
  • to block users in anything other than a case of blatant vandalism.
  • The nomination is made at Appropedia:Administrators/Nominations. Registered users may make comments, each preceded with Approve, Reject or Neutral.
  • The person nominated must accept the nomination.
  • The nomination is announced in a more visible place, e.g. at the Village pump.
  • Consensus is required.
  • A "last resort" power by the founder (or co-founders?) serves as backup - including the ability to "de-sysop" or reject a nomination. This may never be used, but is an important safeguard against vote fraud (through sock-puppets, meat-puppets or other means) and against any other trends which are not consistent with Appropedia's mission and vision.

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