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Clean water is a matter of water supply and water treatment.

See Choosing water supply and purification methods for an outline of choices according to context.

[edit] Rationale

In the industrialized world, clean water is as readily available as air. Unfortunately, clean water is a luxury in much of the third world, and this fact is a major contributor to chronic health problems. (Appropriate links should be included here.)

These regions are most seriously impacted by lack of clean water:

  • (Ed note: I don't actually know what these areas are.)

These kinds of skills are valuable in addressing the problem:

  • Mechanical Engineering, Pump Design

These organizations are working on the problem and can use your skills:

These sites provide technological or educational information:

[edit] Using Systems to Clean Water

There are many systems readily available to clean water. Although most of these devices are expensive and are not the traditional ways of the purification process. New technology has improved the process and the accesibility to these systems. The image below shows a low cost and individual system for clean water.

View Image Here:

Alternative methods are on a larger scale...industrial/commercial