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There are many work for accommodation opportunities (which sometimes include food as well) in sustainability and development projects. Ways of finding these include (depending on the type of work you want):

  • Seeing those listed on the volunteering page.
  • Couchsurfing discussion groups - try asking in a group for the area you are wanting to work in.
  • Permaculture networks
    • Local Exchange Trading Systems (LETS) networks - these communities are often hospitable and very supportive of those looking for opportunities outside the regular "work for money" system.
    • Helpx, the Help Exchange network. Some connections are available for free, others require paying the relatively cheap registration.
    • WWOOFing, for opportunities on organic farms. This requires a significant registration fee, so is only useful if doing it for a longer period.

    Costs[edit | edit source]

    Costs you will face include:

    • Travel. Use rideshare services such as Craigslist rideshare to minimize this. Hitchhiking is another option, but take care and weigh the risks, and be aware that drivers in most countries are less willing to pick up passengers than in decades gone by.
    • Accommodation along the journey. Use a hospitality serviceW such as CouchSurfing.