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I just wanted to send you a message. I read your Tasks, and you have been extremely busy ! I hope the tedious tech-work is done soon? :)

I also noticed some of your comments on how you view climate-sceptics!

I personally are down to about one fifth of the average american citizens carbon footprint. (half of the average swedish citizen) And I am still very comfortably and casually living in my apartment, doing normal things. So I guess more people would need to find out that it is possible to carry on living city life and still be very green.

The prejudice and misconceptions is still out there among average people that we "green radicals" will try to force all human beings in giving up their lives and move them all into caves in a forest. That is not at all true! we can all continue to live, but just get everyone to try to cut out some percents of the top of their wasteful behaviour.

I just mean : do we really need diamonds and champagne in our lives ? (methaphorically speaking) And if you could have champagne and lobster for every single future meal of your life, wouldn't it become boring and depriving you from the few occasions when you really get to taste something wonderful?

Thanks to our centralized systems of recycling and collection of waste in swedish cities, i am able to sort exactly 100% of all my households trash into different material recycling bins, so I contribute with nothing at all to the landfills or incineration of garbage. This leads to positive side-effects, much less odour in my kitchen, much less number of times i need to take out the trash.

My results is a much more relaxed life with less daily chores, and less expenses. And most people do not realize that, they see being green = being more involved, buying more expensive food and needing to work much more with small domestic details.

(feel free to delete this after you read it, or I will appreciate if you like to comment on any of it?)

Oh, by the way, the first results are in on my electric bill thanks to "Updated cooking methods..."

Yeahvle 02:26, 27 February 2011 (PST)