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==Picture gallery==
==Picture gallery==
Image: Box.PNG|[ Customizable Shotgun Shell Box]
[[category:777-2018 People]]
[[category:777-2018 People]]

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User Page



I am a Mechanical Engineering major with a minor in Aerospace Engineering at Michigan Technological University. I will be graduating December of 2018. I have experience in manufacturing system line control. This page is here to display some of my 3D printing experience during my Open Source 3D printing class here at Michigan Tech.


  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • RSLogix & Studio 5000
  • 3D modelling experience(NX, Autocad, etc)


  • [[category:777-2018 People]]
  • eventually galleries of your work from the class

Demo stuff



Picture gallery

Image: Box.PNG|Customizable Shotgun Shell Box