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Will Dallmann
I'm an undergraduate student in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
at Michigan Technological University.

Will Dallmann 


I'm a fifth year Electrical Engineering student at Michigan Technological University and I'm preparing to graduate in December 2014! I'm currently enrolled in EE4777 - Open Source 3-D Printing. Before taking this class I didn't know very much about 3-D Printing but the topic was intriguing to me as I've begun to hear a lot about 3-D printing, so that's what brought me here.

I enjoy a lot of the computer sided aspects of electrical engineering, such as programming micro-controllers and digital logic. I also want to get better at programming in general so I can pursue a masters degree in computer engineering someday. I'm currently a registered Apple iOS Developer and although I don't have any apps on the App Store at the moment, I've learned bits and pieces of Objective C over the last couple of the years and I hope to have am app approved in the near future.

Like a boss [1]

Senior Design

One highlight I've had at Michigan Tech is Senior Design. Senior Design was a lot of work, but in the end it was a great learning experience! I was the team manager for a project sponsored by Union Pacific Railroad, Norfolk Southern Railway, and the Rail Transportation Program here at Michigan Tech.

Project Background


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