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There is always a different way to get to the same place.

About Me

Nestor Lopez
I am a current Student at Humboldt State University. Transferred from San Diego City College to Humboldt
State University on Fall 2015. I love making music and writing songs.

Interests in Engineering

  • Sustainability
  • Helping others.
  • Solving Problems

Experience in Engineering

For Engineering 215, Team Narwhal designed a Transportable Lego Makerspace.
This is the document we created while designing our Design:
This is an AutoCad Created in Engr 215, Spring 2016:
This is Memo Created in Engr 215:
This document shows Spread Sheet Created in Engr 215:
Spread Sheet
This Grant CHart was created in Engr 215: Grantt Chart

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