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live with an open mind

About Me[edit]

Name: Jonathan Garcia

My main goal for my time being in Humboldt State University(HSU) is to pursue and complete my major in Environmental Resource Engineering. The reason I have this goal is to achieve another "higher" goal in life, which is to expose, use, and encourage others to use newer or traditional renewable resources. In my studies, I wish to discover newer ways to manipulate renewable resources for benefit to the health and safety of the environment. With all my obtained knowledge over my total time in HSU, there will be another unique difference in the horizon of the era of new technological advances dealing with fuel and energy.

Personally, I am from Pico Rivera, Los Angeles. I went to El Rancho High School, there my inspiration to go to college was to leave my town. Life there was very independent for me, I learned many basic life skills and numerous common sense laws that carved and shaped who I am today. Honestly, I do miss my home and I cant wait to visit, but I am glad I am far away from home and officially on my own. Now, I will have my time to properly pursue what exactly I wish to achieve in life.


  • Potawot Village Memo [1]
  • Fern Lake Analysis Spreadsheet [2]
  • Gantt Chart for Project: The Living Green Warm & Bright Display [3]
  • ACAD Design of Sign Layout for The Living Green Warm & Bright Display [4]
  • Document: Alternative Interactive Exhibit [5]


Engr215 Friends of the Dunes: Project(FOTD living green, warm and bright display)

Interests in Engineering[edit]

  • Change the World
  • Learn about the environment
  • Experience the Unknown

Experience in Engineering[edit]

  • Played with legos
  • Passed ENGR 115
  • Built a doghouse with my dad.