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Eric Andrzejek Escude[edit]

This is Eric

Eric is a freshman at Humboldt State University, he is majoring in Environmental Resources Engineering. He was born in Chicago Illinois but grew up in Salt Lake City Utah, he is not mormon.

Check out these sweet links:[edit]

Environmental Resources Engineering Program
Hydrogen fuel cell

Some of the things I've done[edit]

In one of my Engrineering 115 labs we went up to Fern Lake, which right off the HSU campus, and measured the inflows and outflows of the small streams running in and out of the lake. We then calculated for the net accumulation of the lake including the output to the fish hatcheries. My group had a positive discrepancy of 18 cubic meters of water per day which we assumed to be due to the seasonal rainfall.

Check out our some of our data:[edit]

Bucket depth in cm Bucket diameter in cm water flow over collection period time in seconds Outflow in cubic meters per sec Outflow in cubic meters per day Outflow to hatchery
10 26 0.030338809 30 0.001011294 87.37577008 50
11 0.03337269 0.001112423 96.11334709
8 0.024271047 0.000809035 69.90061606
9 0.027304928 0.000910164 78.63819307
average stream outflow/day: 83.00698157
ratio of water captured: 0.07 Total net outflow per day: 133.0069816
Flowmeter inflow in m/s Channel depth Channel width Channel cross section in m^2 Flowrate Inflow per day in m^3
0.09 0.075 0.26 0.0195 0.001755 151.632

Difference of 18.625 cubic meters per day[edit]