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(My introductory engineering page detailing my experiences, likes, and plans for the future.)
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[[File:Cavanaugh_Carter.JPG|thumb|left|My Picture]]
[[File:Cavanaugh L.Carter.JPG|thumb|left|My Picture]]
== About Me ==
== About Me ==

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My Picture

About Me

Hello, my name is Cavanaugh Carter and I am currently attending Humboldt State University where I am studying Environmental Resources and Engineering (ERE) and French. I am also apart of the Engineers without Borders (EWB) club at my university.

Interests in Engineering

I am just starting the major so have not narrowed down what I am exactly interested in regarding engineering. I like wind and solar energy so far and plan to work internationally in french speaking countries with EWB to help communities.

Experience in Engineering

I have no current experience with engineering besides book work and creating a Rube Goldberg. This semester, I plan on working on improving my campus's Campus Center for Appropriate Technology's, or CCAT, grey water filtration system and any other projects I can get my hands on in the near future.