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Peter Campbell - collaboration/discussion notes (13 March 2011 Melbourne):

Joint to-do:

  • Submission to ATA re open licensing options.
  • GLP articles copied to Appropedia last year:
    • Have had small number of views compared to the originals. Try promoting them? (Front page of Ap, Delicious -> Twitter, Ap's FB page?...)
    • Categories? For articles & files. Peter to add categories to template if he wants; ping me to edit templates with pywikipediabot or AWB, if we want separate templates (-> separate category) for files as opposed to pages.

Chris to-dos (& maybe some similar for Peter):

  • Twitterfeed to post my new articles to my Facebook wall. Good for feedback, some publicity.
  • Twitterfeed to post good articles to Appropedia (& Green Living and Building page for Twitter) on Facebook. (Diigo seems better than Delicious - fast tagging if using the FF toolbar; groups feature might be interesting.)
    • start using a tag on delicious/diggo, hopefully will let us have a filtered feed. (if an Appropedia page has both highlighted and building or greenliving tags, could post on Green Living and Building. Climate tag -> coalitionfilm)
  • Think about hot topics, how to get articles started and get a stream happening (invite people, create stubs, find public domain info...)
    • Share hot topic articles between GLP & Appropedia - either full articles (with attribution to whoever originated it) or basic idea, a few lines, and a cross-link. Best way to ping each other - email, or a group on Diigo?