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Two Hands Worldshop

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Two Hands Worldshop offers beautiful Fair Trade certified arts and handcrafts from the world's artisans. Fair Trade means fair wages, safe working conditions and long-term, stable business partnerships for disadvantaged artisans and producers. These assurances help the disadvantaged appropriate vital resources necessary for development. It is important to note that Fair Trade also emphasizes sustainable environmental practices during production.

Two Hands Worldshop's long term goal is to vertically integrate the artisan's production by providing micro-credit, training and access to the sustainable technologies necessary to produce high quality products with as little impact on environment and culture as possible while sustaining a healthy retail business to provide a market for these goods.

Please view these fair trade products on our website.

Artisan Cooperatives

Two Hands Worldshop works with many artisan cooperatives from around the world. Those with websites are listed below. See a complete list of artisans who make the crafts we sell.