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[[Category:If-then-else templates]]

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With this template the parser functions of the ParserFunctions collection with names starting with "#if" can be used in a way such that they do not strip spaces and newlines from the "then" and "else" part. Spaces still do not affect the outcome of the condition.


  • {{if||x| p | q }} gives " p "
  • {{if|expr|2<3| p | q }} gives " p "
  • {{if|eq| u |u| p | q }} gives " p "
  • {{if|exist| Help:Link | p | q }} gives " q "
  • {{if|error|{{#expr:x}}| p | q }} gives " p "


  • {{#if:x| p | q }} gives "p"
  • {{#ifexpr:2<3| p | q }} gives "p"
  • {{#ifeq: u |u| p | q }} gives "p"
  • {{#ifexist: Help:Link | p | q }} gives "q"
  • {{#iferror:{{#expr:x}}| p | q }} gives "p"

For full substitution, use e.g. {{subst:if|expr|2<3| p | q |subst=subst:}}. If the condition contains a parser function or template etc., that should be substituted too. Optionally the "then" or "else" part can also be substituted.

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