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'''Apr 23''' [[UK Climate news]]: Britain bans sale of new gas, diesel and hybrid cars from 2035 <ref>[https://thefigurehead.co.uk/2020/04/23/britain-bans-sale-of-new-gas-diesel-and-hybrid-cars-from-2035/ thefigurehead.co.uk]</ref><br>
'''May 5''' [[UK Climate news]]: Airline bailouts without climate conditions could be unlawful <ref>[https://www.wearepossible.org/latest-news/airline-bailouts-without-climate-conditions-could-be-unlawful wearepossible.org]</ref><br clear=all>
'''Apr 21''' Climate change: Switch road cash to broadband, adviser says <ref>[https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-52371140 BBC News]</ref><br clear=all>
[[File:Allotments - geograph.org.uk Sheffield.jpg|100px|left]]
[[File:Allotments - geograph.org.uk Sheffield.jpg|100px|left]]

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Regent`s Canal (8081567904).jpg

May 9 Sustainable transport UK: UK plans £250m boost for cycle lanes and fast-track e-scooter trials [1]


May 5 UK Climate news: Airline bailouts without climate conditions could be unlawful [2]

Allotments - geograph.org.uk Sheffield.jpg

Apr 22 Towards sustainable economies UK: This Pandemic Bears Gifts – new possibilities for economic transition [3]

Princes Street Gardens.jpg

Mar 16 Scotland news: We don’t need institutes, we need constitutes… and they should live in a Makar House, Pat Kane [4]

Allotments - geograph.org.uk Sheffield.jpg

Jan 21 Towards a more democratic and climate friendly way of meeting housing need across England: New UK housing 'dominated by roads' [5] "... too many highways engineers are still approving roads that do not fully account for pedestrians and cyclists." Prof Matthew Carmona, University College London. Government poll suggests 76% of people think that for the sake of the environment, everyone should reduce their driving.