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Health Topic Child mortality
Classification Preventative
Scope Commercialized
Location Asia

Problem being addressed[edit]

Birth asphyxia is the third leading cause of neonatal death worldwide, fatally affecting about 900,000 newborns in developing countries each year. The high price and lack of reusability of certain devices make it hard for mothers to treat asphyxia in times of need.

Detailed description of the solution[edit]

The Tekno-Tube is a cheap ($8), reusable alternative to more common ($30) neonatal resuscitation devices. It consists of a long tube connected to a mask, which fits over a baby’s mouth. A midwife can then blow air into the baby’s mouth, providing resuscitation.

Designed by[edit]

  • Designed by: local manufacturers in Indonesia
  • Manufacturer (if different):
  • Manufacturer location: Indonesia

When and where it was tested/implemented[edit]

Indonesia in 2005

Funding Source[edit]


Peer-reviewed publication[edit]

M. Agustini, I. Ariawan, M.S. Kosim, Y. Seamans, and V. Tsu. Choosing the appropriate neonatal resuscitation device for village midwives. Journal of Perinatology. 31.10 (Oct. 2011) p664. Word Count: 3782.

Other internally generated reports[edit]

Externally generated reports[edit]

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IP and copyright[edit]

Approval by regulatory bodies or standards boards[edit]