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Public domain resources

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The public domain is a range of abstract materials (or intellectual propertyW) which are not owned or controlled by anyone. They can be used by anyone for any purpose. For more information on the concept and laws regarding public domain, see Wikipedia:Public domain; for how public domain content relates to a wiki such as Appropedia or Wikipedia, see Wikipedia: Project: Public domain.

US Federal government work (but not that of contractors, nor of state or local governments) is probably the largest source of public domain content by far. See US federal government websites and public domain and Wikipedia:Copyright status of work by the U.S. government.

Websites such as Public Domain Resource are teaching webmasters how they can use Public Domain information to use for website content or to create products to sell.

Critique of the CC licenses from the Public Domain standpoint:

Ultimately, Creative Commons is another form of Copyright.

The Public Domain represents a completely different perspective:

  • It emphasizes culture solutions based on ethics rather than law.
  • It allows and encourages people to use their own best judgment, rather than negotiate permissions.
  • It avoids chains of licenses and the questions of what are the boundaries of a work?
  • It filters in people who truly want to share, and filters out those who want control.
  • It recognizes that knowledge is worthless outside of context, but wealth is human relationships that are the context, thus orients us around people rather than content.
  • It is a genuine solution that encourages genuine respect for licenses and the law.
  • In the form of "Public Domain except as noted", it is compatible with all licenses except for "share alike" licenses, and it makes it possible to gradually migrate to the Public Domain.

See Andrius Kulikauskas (, Minciu Sodas and Worknets for more information about the Public Domain.

Public domain search (broken)

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You can search for Public Domain work using the box below. Results are mostly public domain (we're improving the search engine, but can never guarantee the results). Take your own precautions before using the material. See Appropedia's Public Domain Search for more information.

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