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Plastics recovery manual 8

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Appendix 1: Illustrations

Asmae Chapter 4 photos 8 and 14 Chapter 5 photos 5, 7, 8, 9 ET13 Chapter 6 photos 2 and 3

Asmae is an association that, since 1981, manufactures and / or organizes camp-sites and animation, projects in partnership with associations and local communities, and educates youth North-South, South-South and North-South.

The association Asmae shared its database that lists all the recycling techniques developed by several developing countries in all fields (plastic, metal, fabric, paper, glass ...). The Ragman's Mokattam (Cairo - Egypt) have agreed to share with the ASBL Asmae their formidable creative recycling. While 20 years ago, the scavengers were that recovery of waste, they are gradually becoming the best recyclers of the planet.

It is the system by trial and error they are able to develop interesting techniques recycling.

Asmae ASBL Av Wolume-St-Lambert, 14 1200 Brussels Email:

Willy Chapter 4 photos 4, 5, 6, 7, 9 and 10 Chapter 5, Photo 10, 11et12

VOLENS is a Belgian NGO specialized in sending cooperating projects

of development and development education. To do this, based on 26 VOLENS Locals and thirty support groups which constitute the basis for organizing and VOLENS


local roots, closer to the population. These sections and support groups engaged in collaboration with the Education developing an information, awareness, education projects around the

for South they support and actions of fundraising to finance these projects. Before its merger with VOLENS, SOS / PG has mounted various partnerships through the Service Projects. Thus, SOS / PG has partnered with the Mexican organization DIA-AC (Desarrollo Integral Autogestionario - Asociación Civil) which resulted in a project financed

by DGDC in its five-year program 1998-2002. This project consisted of the "Establishment of a basic model of small shops popular plastic recycling for distribution in the State of Morelos. All photographs from this project were taken by DIA-AC.

VOLENS ASBL Brussels Secretariat: rue de Molenbeek, 122 1020 Brussels

  Tel 00 32 (0) 2 201 02 70

Years Secretariat: rue de l'Yser, 258 to 4430 Years

  Tel 00 32 (0) 4 247 75 75

CIPRE Chapter 2, photo 3 Chapter 3, photos 2, 8, 9 and 12 Chapter 4, photos 1, 3, 15 and 16 Chapter 5, photo 3 Chapter 6, photo 1

The International Center for Promotion of REcuparation (ICRP) is a Cameroonian NGO has an international vocation in the recovery of waste. The main purpose of its existence is the development of both economic and environmental. Its objective

City OWN (OWN, as Promotion of Waste Plastics Recycling and Recovery packaging) enabled him to implement a chain of collection and recycling of waste Plastics in the city of Yaounde. This project was supported by the Mission of Cooperation and Action Culturelle (MCAC) by the Social Development Fund (SDF). Technical assistance

been provided by GRET (Group for Research and Technological Exchange, France). Currently, the CIPRE extends its activities to the city of Douala. The photos illustrating this project were taken by Sebastian Willerval Andre FRISAYE

(Foundation FRISAYE) and George Van den Bossche (ISF) CIPRE B.P. 14,180 Yaounde, Cameroon Email:

WASTE Consultants Chapter 3, photo 3

WASTE Consultants is a Dutch NGO involved in development projects for small businesses to improve living conditions in urban low

income. WASTE Consultants is active in four areas: solid waste management and recycling, water management and health needs, the use of bicycles as a means of

Transportation Urban, improving community life. WASTE Consultants Nieuwehaven, 201 2801 CW Gauda, Netherlands fax: + 31 182 5503 13

Appendix 2:Bibliography

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