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Here at open-sustainability we are developing a free and open standard for sustainability. This standard is focused on an information-centric approach to support sustainability, developed using MIKE2.0.

We have chosen this approach as tracking and analyzing data is an important to determine just how sustainable a product or service is. The approach applies best practice principles from modern software development and management consulting to drive sustainable development in complex organizations.

Using open source software we are developing the tools for Sustainability 2.0 – or as we call it FISDev, a Framework for Integrated Sustainable Development. FISDev is in the very early stages of development - and everyone is encouraged to help out by creating an article or editing the overall task list.

open-sustainability: based on openmethodology concepts

  • Part of the business model … sustainability must be a comprehensive competency, not an afterthought.
  • An open framework … for sharing of common, collaboratively built standard.
  • Information-centricity … is crucial to effective sustainability.
  • Collaborative governance … engagement and participation is the key to measuring and changing behavior.
  • Agility … extreme blueprinting approach for strategy, software best practices learned for implementation.
  • Free … collaborative technologies and content provided for free to drive adoption.
  • Participatory … a chance for individuals to shape a corporate standard and for companies to contribute to the community.

Our mission

  1. Help all organizations around the world to be more sustainable
  2. Reduce barriers to sustainability for developing countries and small businesses
  3. We aim to advance the level of knowledge on sustainability
  4. We aim to share best practices from leading organizations
  5. We aim for organizations to make evidence based sustainability decisions

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