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Herman Jia Zheng

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About Ya Boi[edit]

My name is Herman Jia Zheng, I was born in San Gabriel CA and I'm a first year ERE student at HSU.

My hobbies include listening to and playing music, hiking, procrastinating, going to museums, going to aquariums, learning about history, cooking asian food, eating asian food, and watching anime.

I love to recommend things so here's a list of recommendations to help get to know me better

  • Movies : The Grand Budapest Hotel, Argo, Nightcrawler, The Big Short, Parasite, Into the Spiderverse, and The Void
  • Music : PUP, Skegss, Modern Baseball, Three Days Grace, MGMT, Pond/Tame Impala, Alvvays, The Growlers, The Strokes, The White Stripes, Goth Babe, Jeff Rosenstock, Joey Bada$$, Denzel Curry, Kid Cudi, The Underachievers, TV Girl, Jakob Ogawa and Dayglow

Interests in Engineering[edit]

Water Resources : I'm very passionate about projects which aims to help improve water management systems around the world, providing water resources to communities who lack a reliable source of potable water.

Alternative Energy Resources : One of the most promising forms of alternative energy being researched currently is Hydro/Geothermal Energy. The US has the potential for hydro/geothermal power on a massive scale all along the western half from the Cascades all the way to the Rockies.

Experience in Engineering[edit]

  • Team Club Penguin : Rube Goldberg Project
  • Proficient in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Experience creating websites using the Adobe Dreamweaver devtool.
  • Built a structurally sound and anatomically correct sculpture of a Gentoo penguin.