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===1. Begin ===
===1. Begin ===
*To begin, open appropedia.org in your browser and click "log in."
*To begin, open appropedia.org in your browser and click "log in."<br />
*Alternatively, you may press "control + u" from the appropedia home page.<br />
[[File:image_tut_01.jpg|left]]<br style="clear:both;"/>
[[File:image_tut_01.jpg|left]]<br style="clear:both;"/>

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Adding an image to your User Page

This tutorial will guide you through the steps of adding an image to your profile page.

1. Begin

  • To begin, open appropedia.org in your browser and click "log in."
Image tut 01.jpg

2. Log in

  • Log in by typing your Username(1) and Password(2) before clicking Log in(3).
Image tut 02.jpg

3. File upload page

  • Scroll down to click "Upload a file" under "toolbox" on the left side of the page.
  • Alternatively, you may press "control + u."
Image tut 03.jpg

4. Select image

  • Click "Browse..." and select an image from your computer.
Image tut 04.jpg

5. Image info

  • Confirm your images path(1).
  • Add a more useful file name(2) if necessary.
  • Add a description of the image(3).
  • Choose the licensing(4) applicable to the image.
Image tut 05.jpg

6. Click Upload

  • Confirm the information you entered and Click "Upload."
Image tut 06.jpg

7. Copy file name

  • Select and Copy the File name(1). (After the ":") Don't forget to copy the file extension.
  • Click your user name(2) to get to your user page.
Image tut 07.jpg

8. Click Edit

  • Click "create" or "edit." (If you have not alredy created a user page you will see "create" instead of "edit.")
Image tut 08.jpg

9. Add image code

  • Click the image icon to insert the appropriate code.
Image tut 09.jpg

10. Paste File name

  • Paste your File name in place of "Example.jpg."
Image tut 10.jpg

11. Add tags

  • Add the following tags to format your image: (Note that tags are preceded by a "|."
  • "|thumb"(1) to display a thumbnail instead of the full size image.
  • "|left"(2) to force your image to the left side.
Image tut 11.jpg

12. Preview

  • Scroll down to click "Show preview." Get in the habit of previewing all edits you make.
Image tut 12.jpg

13. Save

  • When you are satisfied with your page scroll down to click "Save page."
Image tut 13.jpg

14. Success

  • Success!
Image tut 14.jpg