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for subtopics, how-tos, project pages, designs, organization pages and more.

For information on available course materials, see Open Educational Resources.

Coursework refers to work carried out by students at university or high school as part of their learning and assessment, separate from their exams.

Description of this area[edit]

This area categorizes course related content, and provides links to other valuable sources (see "External links," below). Please see the syllabi, presentations, readings, exercises, problem sets, teaching cases, etc. in the pages and subcategories below.

Are you a teacher?[edit]

  • Post your course materials, including schedule or lecture notes.
  • Consider making Appropedia a part of your curriculum. Students can post and edit their coursework on subjects related to sustainability and international development. This allows them to take part in a global context, receive broader feedback, learn to edit a wiki (very simple, but useful) and more easily collaborate with peers.

Valuable Resources for Online Education[edit]

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