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Reducing the need for washing

Environmental impact and labor can both be saved by reducing the need for washing. This may be done by:

  1. Airing clothing after it has been worn, by hanging it up, preferably where there is airflow. This makes a huge improvement in the smell of the clothing (especially noticeable in the case of cigarette odors).
  2. Choosing clothing that needs less washing. Light colors, especially white and cream, usually require more frequent washing.
  3. Wearing no-iron shirts (which might be worn 2 or more times between washings, and
  4. Avoid clothes that need drycleaning, as drycleaning has a negative environmental impact,[verification needed] not to mention the financial cost.

Avoid "wrinkle fast" clothing

"Wrinkle fast" clothing require either:

  • ironing and more frequent washing, or
  • drycleaning,

both of which mean more effort, expense, and negative environmental impact.

Choose clothes which:

  • don't wrinkle easily (test this before you buy, by scrunching up a discreet corner of the cloth, and seeing if it wrinkles); or
  • don't show the wrinkles, due to their color or pattern.
  • have a "natural look" where slight wrinkling doesn't matter.

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