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CCAT Climate Crusaders

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Problem Statement and Criteria

The objective of this design project is to build an educational kit/box that will be used by teachers to educate students on environmental and energy issues of the world. Working with our client, Oliver Hulland of the Redwood Coast Energy Authority (RCEA), the educational kit/box will be distributed and maintained for continual use in the local schools of Humboldt County.

 Durability: High school students will be handling the design. The design must be able to withstand a minimum of a year’s worth of use.

 Safety: All materials used should not be harmful to the students. If there are hazardous materials they must be handled by a teacher/supervisor.  Cost: Maximum amount of $400 for the design project. $100 coming from the client and $75 from each group member.

 Level of Engagement: Display should keep the interest of high school students to the point where they learn efficiently.

 Age Appropriateness: The box should target high school students to be able to learn without any difficulties.

 Ease of Use: The display should be simple enough for high school students to be able to use and understand without any difficulty.

 Ease of Maintenance: The educational box should not have any complications when maintaining the upkeep of the items.

 Transportability: The box should be easy to transport to and from the classroom by anyone including the teacher or an RCEA employee.

 Educational Value: The display should offer a lot to teach high school students about climate change.

 Aesthetics: The educational box should be built with quality and pleasing to the eye for the students and the teachers.

Description of Final Project


Discussion and Next Steps