There are several big initiatives underway that are being integrated into the WinWinWiki information structure.

  1. Ending Poverty
  2. Education
  3. Gender Equality
  4. Child Mortality
  5. Maternal Health
  6. Combat Diseases
  7. Environment
  8. Global Partnership for Development
  1. Foster a culture of peace through education
  2. Promote sustainable economic and social development
  3. Promote respect for human rights
  4. Ensure equality between men and women
  5. Foster democratic participation
  6. Advance understanding, tolerance and solidarity
  7. Support participatory communication and the free flow of information and knowledge
  8. Promote international peace and security

It's interesting how much they overlap. Synergies are not hard to find. None of the elements of either big initiative are easy. It will, of course, be worthwhile to pool efforts to reach these ends. And that is the sort of thing that WinWinWiki seeks to support.

So help out! Take each element and do some research to break down the tasks into smaller elements, then we can reconstruct the larger initiatives from the building blocks that we establish.

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