Pedaled Electric Generator[edit source]

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Materials 300 watt 3/8 power pulley dynamo, 80" Adjustable Length V-belt 3/8" Wide Size 3L Powertwist Bicycle Generator Belt, Bicycle, Bicycle stand, Battery Charge Controller, Blocking Diode 15amp, Aluminum plate

How efficient is it?[edit source]

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For an example with 300watt pedaled electric generator

From 0-15mph only using 1.8liter inline 4 cylinder engine
with 40mpg average (90hp),1mile of driving 40mpg car would
be using 0.025gallon of fuel. From 15-62mph only be using 

Permanent magnet AC synchronous motor (90hp)with 4.4kw lithium

battery pack and lets say I live 22 miles away from my work place

and have to drive to work 6 days a week to with my plug-in prius. Every day, I have to drive out to highway, which is half mile

long from my house and from that is 20miles all the way 45mph
limit and need to drive one more half mile on 15mph zone. 

I will be using around 0.1 gallon of total fuel (0.5miles

for less than 15mph * 4) and using 0.89484 mega joules which
is 248.57 watt total(calculated only be using 20hp). 

This simple calculation shows that just riding pedaled

electric generator for an hour could be used as burning
2 gallons of fuel outputting emissions and 10dollors 

of money with 11mpg cars.

Conclusion[edit source]

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Pedaled electric generator is one of simple alternative energy systems that could be used in any place to generate electricity without any harms on the environment. This could be used in a large scale, for an simple ex: putting millions of dollars to put power lines on not urbanized communities/areas < 1000 pedaled electric generator( intense riders/3.4hr)would be 1Mega watts.

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