About Me[edit source]

Hello, welcome to my page. I am a 21 year old environmental studies student that is now living in Arcata after moving up from Monterey California. Biking and camping are my favorite ways to be with nature and myself. Learning about the environment and how we can use technology to better understand how we interact with nature is a really interesting relationship. I hope to find valuable experience in this class that can help me in the future jobs I will have.

Interests in Technology and the Environment[edit source]

I am a technological optimist and believe that in the future the problems of today might be solved with new innovations and wisdom. However I also understand that the damage and destruction we have achieved to create on the environment could only be done with the help of new technologies and processes. Hopefully humanity can find a way to use the technologies that help people and the earth rather than creating harmful machines that strip the earth of what it was.

Experience in Technology and/or the Environment[edit source]

My dad has been a large influence of sustainable ideas that I hold today. He was able to build his own recording studio that has a cistern built into the design allowing all water that lands of the property to be collected. Furthermore the garden that surrounds the studio also has kept me interested in nature and how to incorporate the local wildlife into home/business gardening.

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