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I moved this from the page you were creating. I do not think that the page should be its own page on Appropedia, but it may make sense on your own user page... or as a subpage of a class:

he nature of ICT in the content of the life society's and to their chosen profession track

           Technology is being implemented in almost every reaction of our  lines and business 
      Structure.the use or technology is increasing day by day we depund on technology and
      We use various technology to accomplish specific trust in our lives  we have various 
       Emerging technology w/c impact our lives indifferent ways .it doesn't matter w/c  industry 
       your dealing in technology will be use of in a certain manners .
            We live now in a world that full of social interest because  we can work through the use 
      Of interest connection information communication technology ICT is important to ous daily
      Living  as a human thorough this we can communicate other people that are living way for  
      Many as . This is a big help for us especially to our studies by the use of Internet.we can ma
      Make  our assignment, activity and task easier and faster .
             ICT help our society's to grow more business,one of the example of the online flut forms 
      This is a computer application or websites that allows you to post anything to update
      Comments and many things that website can work.since those technology was invented for 
      The big company .this is a big for them to expend their business through internet 
     Connections an  a use social media .dealing w/ their clients .
            It also give a lot of opportunities to alot of people seeking for the job .as q
    Helps me to work easier my assignment project and other task.

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