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You can also find my entry when search on medical devices. But I also put it in here.

major manufactures of medical engineering equipment/systems[edit | edit source]

- Siemens ("Siemens Health Care")
- Philips
- General Electric
- Fujitsu
- Hitachi

medical imaging methods (the more modern methods)[edit | edit source]

- x-ray technology (radiology), also x-ray system or radiographic systems since 1895 (non-invasive, unless an injection of a contrast medium is delivered; an injectioin would be minimally invasive).
- ultrasound: Often used on pregnants to check on the embryo. But it is also used in Lithotripsy. By using concentrated/focused ultrasound to pulverize stones in the body. Also referred as "shockwaves".
This method is non-invasive as it can do without surgery.
- computed/computerized tomography (CT) (non-invasive)
- magneticresonanceimaging (MRT/MRI) (non-invasive). It can deliver a full view on the inner human body including all blood vessels. You can even detect aneurysms or hidden metastases.
- positron emission tomography (PET) (non-invasive)
- patient monitoring systems in critical/intensive care stations/departments (minimally invasive when a needle is inserted and sometimes non-invasive when a clip is attached to a finger). To supervise e.g. heart
activity, respiratory activity, brain activity and blood values)
- electroencephalography (EEG), this method measures electric currents produced by the brain.
- electrocardiography (ECG), this method measures electric currents produced by the heart.
- Endoscopy (works with a camera):
rigid endoscope (for knee joint),
flexible endoscope (for stomach),
capsule endoscope (it has the size if a slightly larger vitamin capsule with a light flash for taking pictures)
It is able to travel through the stomach, the duodenum, the small intestine and the large intestine. Then it is discharged from the body.
Minimally invasive, includes inserting an endoscope through a small cut/incision, but if possible via natural body openings.

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