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As the years go by, we notice that there are frequently problems in our or each country. In other words, what is happening around us is getting worse. and because of this we gain perspective, own ideas, thoughts, and feelings on the particular thing that our country faces and we gain even more knowledge because we understand,assess, synchronize and analyze every detail of such a problem.

Most of us want to communicate their expertise and exchange information about it, and it's a big help because it's going to be the way or key to concentrate on the things everyone can know about. It allows us to educate each person, to have understanding around us and to solve every issue we face in this world. Hence, There are several different types of forums to provide us with knowledge and we can also use it to exchange information, just like the appropedia.

According to the description of Appropedia, Appropedia is the platform where collective ideas for sustainability, poverty reduction and international development can be created and shared.

It's a wiki, a type of website that makes it possible for everyone to add and edit content. It needs only a fast and easy registration in order to contribute. They use sound concepts and sufficient technology, original study and knowledge about projects.

It is also a green living wiki for all international development and aid issues; an open forum for stakeholders to come together to discover, create and strengthen solutions that are flexible and adaptable.

The name Appropedia is a portmanteau of appropriate (fitting in situation), apropos (fitting in time)[1] and encyclopedia (a collected and disseminated body of knowledge).

The appropedia is a non-profit organization and it is a helpful and efficient tool for us to convey and share information.

Providing knowledge to promote sustainable decisions is a core goal of Appropedia. For others, Appropedia shares designs of multiple devices/objects to clone, change and enter individuals even beyond the related technology market. Furthermore, in order to create complex, low-cost items, kits and manuals sold by different organizations are now also being shared.

Appropedia is open to any technical, cultural, social or environmental initiative promoted by students, scientists or professors worldwide, among other industries.

Let us collaborate with this kind of platform because it will be the answer to opening our minds and hearts to specific topics, like I said, and it will help us understand things better.