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About Me[edit]

Trevor Scott Herron
I grew up on a ranch in a small town called La Honda just south of Half Moon Bay, California. I attended 1st-5th grade at La Honda Elementary, then went to middle school at Cunha Intermediate School, then high school at Half Moon Bay High School, and currently studying Environmental Resource Engineering at Humboldt State University. I've participated in Baseball, Football, Water Polo, Wrestling, and Martial Arts. I enjoy reading, snowboarding, dirt biking, barbequing, building things, and hanging out with good people. I work with my father at his ranch creating Biodiesel using Waste Vegetable Oil recycled from restaurants. My high school exit project was on the process of Tranesterification which turns recycled vegetable oil and a few other organic chemicals into fatty acid methyl ester chains (biodiesel). Last semester's term project was a Life Cycle Analysis between Scott's Miracle Gro Fertilizer and Humboldt Nutrient's Grow Natural Fertilizer ([1]).


Interests in Engineering[edit]

  • Structural Engineering with an emphasis in ecological structures.
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Environmental Resource Engineering emphasizing in Waste Water Treatment Plant energy collection and Hydroelectric systems.

Experience in Engineering[edit]

  • 6 years of Industrial shop classes with an emphasis in Metal Working and Small Gas Engines.
  • 10+ years assisting in the production, distribution, and overall awareness of Biodiesel made from Waste Vegetable Oil.
  • 20+ years participating in the maintenance and construction of a ranch using a wide variety of equipment from tractors to trowels and everything in between.


  • For Engineering 215, my group and I, Team Burke der Meister, designed the model bridge testing unit, RIPSAW, for Zane Middle School in Eureka, CA. This is the document we created while designing our tester:The RIPSAW
  • This Gantt Chart shows a sample of project planning software.
  • This is a sample of an Auto CAD drawing.
  • This is a Memo that I made in a group to turn in with a collaborative document.
  • This is a Spreadsheet that I made in Engineering 215: Desgin.