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About Me[edit]

Tom Cheney

I am an engineering student at Humboldt State University, I am part of the men's crew club and I love photography.

Interests in Engineering[edit]

1.) I want to be able to help people with the skills and knowledge I obtain from the engineering program.

2.) My focuses are in water quality and renewable energy, I feel like these are two very important subjects that need to be helped and improved for the improvement and protection of the environment and the health of all people.

3.) I want to be able to travel and be able to help people with I am learning so I can make a positive impact, no mater how small or big it is.

Experience in Engineering[edit]

1.) My experience in engineering so far is not vast, before coming to HSU the closest I can say I have come is my high school Ap. Environmental Science class as well as my Ag mechanics class.

2.) In my first semester I learned how to take samples of water, how to use excel to help solve problems and utilize data, and how to use mass balance problems to understand how stuff moves.

3.) In the second semester a team of three other students and I built a Rube Goldberg Machine (link: ) for engineering 215. We did a cost analysis as well as an analysis on one of the parts that was used in the machine, and the whole project was done in two weeks.


During the Spring 2018 semester, "The Train Conductors" from ENGR 215 at Humboldt State partnered with Zane Middle School to construct a portable stage. Here is a link to our project - Below are some links to examples of my work: